Logo Design Oxfordshire | Process
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Initial Concepts

Research is a critical stage in the logo design process as this ensures that your logo will set you apart from your competitors.

Developing the logo design concept is where creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief established at our initial meeting, we brainstorm, sketch out ideas and work them up on the computer. Typeface and corporate colours are also considered at this stage to ensure we establish a complete brand identity.

A variety of unique concepts will be produced for you to look through so we can gain your initial feedback and move the project along to the next stage.

Identity Development

Once you’ve narrowed down your favourite logos from the initial concepts it may be time now to make some refinements. This might involve amending fonts, colours or combining elements from different concepts.

We need to make sure the logo concepts you choose work on dark and light backgrounds equally well. You never know where your logo design will be seen, and we need to ensure maximum readability in all situations, whether that’s online or in print. Logos should transcend other brand design changes for the most part, meaning your logo also needs to be flexible for future use on corporate literature.

Brand Application

A logo is never seen in complete isolation. On a business card the quality of the card and its finish will speak volumes as will the application of your identity on the outside of a building.

Your logo may also need to be applied to: packaging, brochures, website, emails, letterhead, vehicles, uniforms etc. The combination of these various elements and the way they are designed and produced constitute your brand identity and how you are perceived as a company. If required we can also supply you with a brand guidelines outlining logo application, colour breakdowns and typographic styling too.

Marketing Ideas

Now you have a new logo, shout about it! Whether it’s a leaflet or a full colour brochure, we can help you design stunning marketing literature that delivers results. Producing the right material is crucial in supporting your new brand and helps to get the right message across for your company.

So the first question we ask when approaching a marketing literature project is, what is its purpose? We don’t design for designs sake we always keep an eye on the end game, to ensure that the literature does what it is suppose to do. Your literature should reflect your companies identity & values, whilst promoting services.